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Natural/Functional Medicine looks past the symptoms to reach the underlying cause of disease, through a systematic approach where the doctor and patient work together as a team to achieve an optimal outcome. It is the fundamentals of what healthcare was built on by redirecting the focus from the symptoms to the patient as a whole. Functional Medicine Doctors understand that every cell and organ system is integrative in the way the body functions rather than as isolated parts.

Dr. Brett Wisniewski spends as much time as needed with their patients reviewing patient histories, physical examination, overall lifestyle, lab work and all other factors that may influence the disease process.


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    • Patient Centered Care-understands the link between patient, genetics, environment and that the disease process is multi faceted. Dr. Brett Wisniewski, by listening to the patient, can learn the entire story and assemble the puzzle pieces to help them obtain optimal wellness, naturally!
    • Science based approach-staying current with research plays an integral part of practice of Dr. Brett Wisniewski.  An in-depth analysis of your nutritional, structural and psychosocial systems, along with the latest laboratory testing allows the Doctor to help you achieve your health goals.
    • Treatments include- botanicals, herbals, nutritional supplements, chiropractic medicine, detoxification programs, weight loss, stress-management and far- infrared therapy.


[wpspoiler name=”Why might YOU need Natural Medicine?” ]

  • Contrary to the advances in western medicine- diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and cancer are on the rise. Our society is suffering an epidemic of chronic illness.
  • Most physicians practice medicine from an acute care standpoint; treating trauma and illnesses of a short duration such as a broken limb or heart attack that require this type of urgent care.
    This approach lacks the foundation for proper prevention and treatment of chronic disease complexes. Individuality, genetic makeup and environmental factors are often overlooked for the “one size fits all” model.
  • Current research highlights the pitfalls in the way conventional doctors practice. With the use of pharmaceuticals treating symptoms rather than the patient we are seeing an overwhelming increase in adverse side effects. This has led to the prescription cascade where drugs are now prescribed to treat symptoms of other drugs rather than the patient’s underlying cause.


[wpspoiler name=”Does my insurance cover your services?” ]

Honestly, “taking” health insurance is more involved than one may think.  It usually requires additional staffing and dedicated time from the Doctor to relay codes and procedures to the biller.  All of these extra resources need to be made up either by charging higher premiums and/or spending less time with a patient.  Dr. Brett Wisniewski values your time and is dedicated to get to the root cause of your illness rather than what may or may not be covered by insurance.

All services are paid in full at the time of service. Should your insurance company confirm that there will be full or partial reimbursement for services, we will provide you with proper documentation for you to file your own insurance, if advance notice is given.


[wpspoiler name=”Who is Dr. Brett Wisniewski?” ]

For a complete Bio please click here: Dr. Brett Wisniewski Bio


[wpspoiler name=”Can I speak with the Doctor?” ]

Absolutely!  Dr. Brett Wisniewski has a very busy travel and lecture schedule so the best way to contact him would be through our Contact Us page.  Please include a good email and/or phone number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


[wpspoiler name=”What services or tests do you offer?” ]

Dr. Brett Wisniewski has extensive knowledge of many traditional and functional testing such as:


  • Stool parasitology and flora testing
  • Traditional blood labs
  • Urine, serum, and salivary hormone testing
  • Heavy metal and toxic burden panels
  • Genetic testing
  • Amino acid and micronutrient profiles
  • Organic acids
  • Genetic testing
  • …and many more


[wpspoiler name=”Im not near by, how can you be reached?” ]

Dr. Brett Wisniewski is licensed in multiple states and with the advancements in technology there are many avenues of receiving treatment — everything from consulting with your local physician to virtual consults/telemedicine.  Patient care and protection of health records is top priority.  Contact Us to find out the different options that will best fit your situation.