Losing those last few pounds or reaching the next level of performance is much less of a guessing game and more of a science.  Dr. Brett Wisniewski has teamed up with one of the industry leaders, Mr. Josh Scala, to bring a whole NEW approach to reaching your maximum potential.

Eddie C

Eddie holds 7 state records! Here he is, breaking one of them!


Dr. Brett’s vast array of knowledge in the field of functional medicine and sport performance nutrition combined with the real world experience and passion of Josh Scala has proven to be a combination that reaches beyond the traditional approach.

1st Place in Female Team Division

1st Place in Female Team Division










Dr. Brett and Josh Scala take a systematic approach to helping you reaching your goals that begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current biochemistry, energy demands, and metabolic efficiencies.  This is performed through a variety of functional lab tests that may include: urinary hormone analysis, blood chemistries, health assessment questionnaires, and many other depending on the patient’s needs and/or goals.

“No diet, no matter how well it was formulated, will work forever”

The next step is to formulate a plan as a team  to get you to your desired goals.  Throughout the process Dr. Brett and Josh are accessible through a variety of internet base communications and encourage complete transparency in conversation to ensure the correct changes are being made to ensure success.  No diet, no matter how well it was formulated, will work forever and that is why you may have schedule meetings with Dr. Brett and/or Josh Scala so they can assess and redirect efforts.


Mr. Scala competing in NJ

Current clients include those involved in:  Bodybuilding and aesthetic competition, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Wrestling etc.
  • Customized diet plans including macro nutrient percentages, meal timing, and training
  • Specific exercise routines depending on goals
  • Contact with Dr. Brett and Josh Scala for any questions/concerns
  • Pre-contest preperation

If you have questions use the contact us section and send us an email!

Client Pictures

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Ms Kelly Sizes

Ms. Kelly sent us this after she dropped a couple size in a few short weeks!


Shaun was able to improve his stamina, and hand-eye coordination.