What actual patients say about results received by Dr. Brett Wisniewski.

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“When I signed up to compete at the CrossFit competition hosted by EOB, my expectations were very low.I had been dealing with a post intensity workout stomach issue for about a year and it literally would shut my body down. I had been to every doctor I could imagine and they all threw around words like, hernia, intestinal blockage, cyst, etc. However, since I was not having the symptoms in the office, nobody had an answer. About half way through the first WOD at EOB, I could feel it starting. My system was shutting down. I couldn’t go faster, I was having a hard time breathing, and I felt like I was trying to sprint through mud. A few minutes after sputtering out “time” my stomach made me drop to my knees. The pain was so intense that my arms and legs would go numb…….. I explained to Dr. Brett what my symptoms were and asked if he could check me for signs of a hernia since I was clearly having symptoms.

He took me through all the tests and the results were, nothing. He said, “It sounds to me like you have estrogen induced cramping. “. FINALLY!! An answer!! So I started searching around for natural products to help and I found a pre workout hydration drink that helped and I changed my nutrition a bit as well. Thank you Dr. Brett for literally saving my training life. I’ve slowly been able to rebuild my intensity and I’m back on the road to being an athlete! Thank you again!”–Andrea, Jacksonville Florida

Female headshot sillPatient was on 7 different medications when she came to our office, none of which were getting her any better; at the very best they were sustaining her current level of pain.  Within 3 weeks the patient has noted a marked improvement and in 3 months she no longer has “gnawing knee or back pain” – her gas, bloating, brain fog and lack of energy has all subsided.  She currently only take 1 dose of 1 of her medications.  The is the power of a proper patient-doctor interaction.


male silhouetteMale patient wanted to lose 15 lbs in 4 weeks.  We worked with his lifestyle choices, he increased his exercise regimen and here are his results.  Way to go!


male silhouette“I first came to see Dr. Brett Wisniewski, after a trip to the ER for some extreme stomach pains, in early May of 2013.  I have been battling ulcerative colitis for a lot of my life and they found out it was pancreatitis.  I was able to get in very quickly to see the Dr. Brett and I haven’t looked back.  He not only have helped me with my Ulcerative Colitis and decrease all of my stomach discomfort, but has also helped to improve my overall health and well-being.  He not only wants to see each patient get healthy and stay healthy, he takes a genuine interest and shows dedication to improving the quality of life to anyone who sees him.  I would recommend my friends and family to see Dr. Brett with any issues they may be having.” –Bryan G., Illinois 


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After a few short weeks this patient was able to transform herself. We used a well planned diet including customized macro percentages, some basic nutrients to help increase energy and burn fat, and above all else hard work and dedication on her part! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your fitness goals!!
Female headshot sill“On Christmas Day, I celebrated my 65th birthday, grateful to be surrounded by friends and family…yet in the shadows of my life has been a body filled with pain, inflammation and episodes of a churning digestive tract. As a nurse, I’ve tried to find answers but finally conceded that I must “tough it out.”  Just from meeting and talking to him, I felt a large glimmer of hope through his insights. Bloodwork was done and an appointment was to be scheduled. In the process, he never wavered in being kind and flexible.  At our first meeting, the hope for help broadened as he completed the most professional physical exam and then revealed issues from my bloodwork that went volumes beyond my prior understanding. He is gifted in explaining problems in a clear and gentle manner. He is not demeaning or impatient which encourages patient comprehension.  I returned for a second appointment after more bloodwork was needed and a doable plan has been established. Now I’m on my way with a broad scope of fresh hope. I only wish this competent Doc were in my own hometown. Ormond Beach is most fortunate to have him!!” –Pam H., Ocala, Fl


Female headshot sill“Thank you Dr. Brett for treating me.  I am 58 years old and problems with Hormones . I have being going to an OBGYN (not happy).  After finding Dr. Brett and doing a Hormone test, He was able to treat me. I truly believe in you, your knowledge, explanations and commitment are one of a kind. Also thank you for changing my way of eating, that makes me feel better. I’m glad I found you and I would highly recommend Dr. Brett to anyone that requires treatment from an illness.”
-Vita, Daytona Fl


male silhouette“I visited Dr. Brett after many visits to Doctors, my stomach was always bloated and could not eat, blood sugar and liver levels were high, extreme sweating.  After some blood work Dr. Brett gave me some supplements and changed my eating habits.   I feel terrific and Dr. Brett your Great. “-Al, Daytona Fl


Female headshot sill“Super team of physicians!!!!! Issues of any kind??? They can help!!!!” –Kelly L, Ormond Beach


male silhouette“The team of doctors at Aligned Integrative are truly wonderful. They are down to earth, kind, compassionate and take a safer more meaningful approach to health and wellness than most other doctors these days! I would highly recommend them for anyone suffering with a specific illness or even those just looking to improve their overall health and well-being!” –Rick B., Ormond Beach


male silhouette“Hey, thanks again for yesterday. It’s so refreshing to have a doctor who doesn’t just arrogantly and blindly espouse big-pharma propaganda. Your knowledge and commitment are one in a million, seriously. It has been very difficult to see my wife suffer and not know what to do. I knew enough not to trust traditional medicine and that we needed a more holistic, homeopathic approach, but I didn’t know enough to implement any kind of plan. Anyway, I was emotional after our phone conversation yesterday because I can finally see hope for my wife. I can’t express my gratitude enough.” –Kevin, Maryland


Female headshot sill“Every week I feel Better and better. Thank you dr. Brett for getting me on the right track with supplements and dietary recommendations that promote HEALTH and HEALING! Sooooo glad I found your practice!” –Jennifer M, Ormond Beach


Female headshot sill “Brought my 6 year old in with an earache. He feels “amazing” next day with no antibiotics. Thanks guys” –MK, Ormond Beach


Female headshot sill“I originally had a hard time standing up, was constantly have GERD and reflux. My blood pressure was 158/98 and was scheduled for a double knee replacement due to pain. Dr. Brett prescribed a combination of lifestyle changes including diet and specific supplementations and in 2 weeks my blood pressure dropped to 125/75, my stomach problems are gone and I have recently canceled my surgery that was scheduled for my knees. I now can play up to 3 hours of tennis without discomfort, standing and walking no longer are a strain. I feel like my blood flow is much better and that I finally got my life back!” –Louis G., Ormond Beach


male silhouette“From over the counter supplements to illegal substances I had tried everything to improve my performance. I had received good results from some but always with negative results as well. With the help of Dr. Brett Wisinewski and Aligned Integrative Health I have found a safe and healthy way to train at my maximum potential. I have never felt more energetic, strong, or faster than I do right now. I’m also sleeping better so I feel more rested and fully recovered for the next training day. I would highly recommend these supplements for any athlete looking to improve their performance.” –Jason Harwood, Ormond Beach


male silhouette “Ever since I started using the pre-stack and post-stack supplements (a custom formulation by Dr. Brett) I have had more energy, sleep better, and the amount of weight in my Olympic lifts has gone up significantly. I take two pre-stack pills every morning and one pre-stack pill before Crossfit each day. I also take two post-stack pills before bed every night and my quality of sleep and recovery has improved greatly. Before working with the Dr. Brett, during my CrossFit workouts I continuously felt empty and had no energy. My recovery time after workouts was longer and I usually felt sickly during the week. I truthfully believe that Dr. Brett is on the right path to medicine and the treatment of modern-day health. Thank you for all that you do and I hope you continue to help others the same way you have helped me.” –Troy F. Douglas, Largo, FL


Female headshot sill“I can’t say enough about Dr. Brett. Our son was battling from  very severe eczema  which caused him to cry and scratch 24/7. We went to many doctors including an allergist to try and figure out why our little guy was in so much discomfort.  In doing research we found Dr. Brett and thank goodness we did. Dr. Brett sent us for some blood work had us change our sons diet and within a few days we saw the changes and with in a month his severe eczema was gone. We can’t thank Dr. Brett enough for all that he has helped us with. We have a very happy little man now :)”–Nicole Martin, NJ


Female headshot sill “Thank you for the initial consultation.  It is by far the most comprehensive thorough exam I have ever received.  I am hopeful that working together I will return to state of optimal wellness” Chose to remain anonymous, Fl